A few months ago I came across a delightful piece of cheesecake and ever since have had the notion of making a cheesecake lingering in the back of my mind. And with the holiday menu planning in full force it was time to make it happen! Knowing our holiday diners featured some well-traveled dessert lovers, it needed to be a masterpiece (no pressure). And I think I have found the recipe to do just that.

Some would say that a baker must be somewhat advanced at baking to undertake such a feat. I don’t agree. If you follow the directions step by step…no shortcuts…no sidesteps, you will have your own masterpiece!

This cheesecake recipe is special enough to save in your special recipes file. Cheesecake Recipeimg_2029

When the pieces were plated they featured what some would call a Mixed Berry Coulie and a few berries. I cheated a bit and winged my own berry sauce. Here’s how you do it. I took a full basket of strawberries, a half basket of fresh raspberries and a half basket of fresh boysenberries and into a pot they go. On medium to low heat, I cooked them with one-fourth (1/4) cup of granulated sugar…and shhhh, don’t tell but I also threw in about one-fourth (1/4) cup of mixed berry jam just to jazz it up. After the berries were syrup like I poured the mixture into a sieve/strainer that was resting over a bowl to collect the seeds and pulp. And that was it. Done.


Good Luck! Hope you enjoy it as much as our family and friends did!

#cheesecake #dessert #kindaunique

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