Vintage Tablecloths

It’s really all about the colors for me. The wonderful 1940’s color combinations. Everything from florals, to holiday, to geometric and even state souvenir tablecloths.

Stacks of soft colorful goodness! 

[photo: sointovintage]

Some of my favorites are the Mexican themed tablecloths and hand towels. Over the years we have amassed such a collection of the colorful gems that we can really throw a whopper of a fiesta….complete with enchiladas, margaritas and chips/guac! Viva la Mexico!

Where do you find these? Well, the easy way is to hit Etsy and Ebay… online shopping. But if you really want to have an experience and the satisfaction of the hunt you need to hit a few flea markets or antique shops. These tablecloths are not always easy to find so if you do AND it is a bargain…well, there is a lot of excitement in that.

I’m a Southern California girl so I love a nice relaxed Sunday flea market. Here’s a couple to try: Long Beach Antique Market: Long Beach, Pasadena City College: Pasadena City College and Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique & Collectible Santa Monica.

Once you start collecting you are faced with the task of cleaning, despotting and maybe even a little hole repair. In a nutshell, I boil them in a large stockpot with a detergent like Oxyclean. Let them soak a bit depending on how spotty they are. Then, wring them out and lay them out in the sun on the grass. There is something about the sun and the grass that helps the process along. Repeat as necessary!

Here are more detailed instructions for how to bring those babies back to life! The Crafty Sisters

Shop ON!

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