All things Lemon!

The home I grew up in was originally built in an old lemon grove in Southern California. Pretty much every house had a prolific lemon tree in the backyard. In the summertime, we’d make pitchers of lemonade, our parents would put twists in their cocktails and occasionally our mom would make her delicious lemon bars. So today I will be sharing a few of my favorite lemony recipes in tribute to our mom who left us with wonderful memories and big fat bellies.


By far, my favorite recipe for Lemon Bars is from a blog called Desserted Planet Lemon Bar Recipe! When you read the ingredients you might raise an eyebrow with all the sugary and egg-yolky goodness but these bars really blast the lemon flavor over the top.

Photo Credit: P&G Everyday

The second best lemon recipe is for Lemonade Cake from a blog called Cookies & Cups – Lemonade Cake! The flavors in this cake are strong and tangy. The cake and cream cheese frosting get a little boost of flavor by using a can of frozen lemonade concentrate. Note: You will get very sticky hands making this cake but it is worth every effort!

Photo credit:  Cookies & Cups

And finally…. Lemon Pudding Cake. This recipe is amazing because you whirl the ingredients together, pour the goodness into ramekins, bake and you are gifted these little delicious pudding cakes. Throw a few berries and (if it were me) a dollop of homemade whipped cream on top and you are living large! Here is a great recipe from a blog called Bliss… Lemon Pudding Cake

Photo credit: Bliss…

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